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The old is giving way to the new

In the past, one could go to a college, get a qualification in a specific discipline and then work using the same skill set till retirement. This is not the case today. For example, the job of a qualified accountant may be short lived, being quickly replaced by automation.

Organisations require jobs to be done efficiently. So for completing a task competently an employee needs the right skills. As technology and automation rapidly alter the tasks employees perform, they will in turn need to upgrade their skills to succeed. Therefore, the need of the hour for every progressive organisation is continuous learning and upskilling among its existing employees to maintain a competent workforce in a progressively competitive and fast changing environment which will also help the organisation reduce its attrition rate.

The Skill Gap

As technology serves to accelerate skill obsolescence, the skill gap will only widen unless individuals and organizations prioritize continuous upskilling. It often doesn’t matter what we learned yesterday; it’s the capacity to learn today and tomorrow that keeps us relevant.

In an era of increasing automation and changing business priorities, skill sets required are changing fast and upskilling is taking on new urgency. It is no longer just a nice thing for a company to offer but a must-do.

Upskilling matters because the nature of jobs is shifting, employee expectations are changing and investing in employees increases their motivation and loyalty. Besides retaining employees and equipping them with the skills required costs less than hiring new staff with new skills.

The need to upskill is often missed

Many organisations hire based on the degree or qualification a candidate has without giving due importance to his or her ability to progressively learn and acquire new skills. A degree and the capacity to upskill are two different things, and what is often missed by the employer is that today’s skill set can quickly become completely obsolete.

Skills are a valuable commodity to any organization and upskilling presents an incredible opportunity for an organization to engage and retain employees, while boosting its bottom line. Upskilling needs to happen because one thing is certain — staying up to date with a skill-set will be a definite requirement to thrive in the future.

What organisations should do

Organisations cannot say with surety what particular skills will be most in demand or what job titles may be needed in 5 to 10 years’ time but they will all agree on the need to remain competitive and relevant.

Therefore, organisations will do well to have a learning strategy in place for constantly upskilling its employees. The broad frame work of such a strategy should ideally incorporate the following;

  1. Providing employees opportunities for continuous skill development for assignments in line with business and growth plans.
  2. Providing employees opportunities to learn skills from professional trainers and training companies for whom ‘upskilling’ is a forte.
  3. Endorsement of the adopted learning strategy and commitment to it by top management.
  4. Setting aside of annual budgets for regular upskilling of employees.

Employers can make a difference

Corporate Training_Employers can make a difference 2

Our constantly evolving business ecosystem demands that employees pick up new skills and proficiencies every few years. The business landscape is ever-changing, which is nothing new, but the pace of change continues to accelerate, compelling organisations across every industry to continuously transform their operational systems and processes.  

But business and technology transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  The human workforce is a key and often neglected component of addressing such change and staying relevant.

Often employees, especially older ones who have been with a company for a long period, begin to feel insecure about their relevance and adaptability in their workplace when everything is changing around them at such a rapid pace. 

One of the most effective ways employers can help employees overcome these fears and ensure they remain a valuable asset to the organisation is through continuous enhancement of their skill sets in keeping with evolving technologies and the dynamic business environment.

Crossover training at your organisation

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“It is not unemployment that is a major problem; it is the question of employability that is a major crisis in this competitive arena”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

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