Creating Future Ready Talent
Through Campus Training


Scenario Today​

India faces a scenario where skills requirements from industry are changing rapidly with the higher education sector struggling to keep pace. Most new graduates are deficient in the most required employee skills viz. the ability to collaborate effectively in teams, to analyse, communicate and resolve problems, and lack the willingness to be flexible and adapt to change. Nowadays, corporate recruiters prefer new recruits who can literally ‘hit the ground running’. However, they have difficulty in finding enough suitable candidates in our campuses who possess these basic skills required for quick, successful transition to the corporate world.

The Challenge – Skilling youth today for jobs of the future

Over 60% of India’s population is in the working age group. This demographic dividend can be a huge advantage, but only if leveraged properly. There is a serious dearth of skilled employees across all sectors, yet, there are thousands of graduates who are unemployed. To improve their employablity, it is crucial to overhaul the education system to create a new model that better aligns with industry imperatives.

The intelligent workforce of the future will be a mix of humans and automated programs (bots) working in tandem to deliver high levels of innovation, agility and productivity. Knowledge of core disciplines foundational and disciplinary knowledge will always be important. However, it is the ability to put these into action through creativity and innovation, problem solving and critical thinking, and communication and collaboration while building high ethical and emotional awareness that will be the mark of successful professionals in the future.

Beyond Conventional Curriculum

Addressing the need

The priority for most educational institutions is theoretical knowledge and academic excellence. Thus, they are less conversant with the needs of the business world and the frequently changing market environments. Similarly, barring a few examples, the business sector has not engaged sufficiently with educational institutions to help design curriculum that includes the skill set they seek among fresh recruits. While it is hoped that industry and educational institutions will collaborate better in the future for advance filling of skill gaps, Crossover Training provides a ‘here and now’ solution through its Crossover program to meet these training needs.

The Campus to Corporate Program

This training initiative from Crossover prepares final year students of all disciplines to be ‘industry ready’ by imparting to them the requisite skills that not only make them more employable but help them transition quickly and effectively from the campus to the business and corporate world. 

The Crossover Program also benefits the organisations that employ these freshers since the new hires will become productive on the job, much sooner than later. This in turn will have a positive effect on the bottom line of the organisations concerned.

The Crossover Program uses an industry aligned special curriculum developed by a core team of educationists and communication professionals who have vast corporate experience in India and abroad.

As a result, the curriculum is as close to a corporate scenario as possible and besides equipping the students, reduces the training effort for organizations as well.

The Crossover Program is therefore a typical win-win situation for both the students and their future employers.

Sample Crossover Program Content​

With rapid changes taking place in the world around us, learning needs to be more experiential; less classroom and more of what one sees and does. With automation and robots set to take over routine jobs, schools and colleges must focus on building innovation, creativity, communication and problem solving skills in their students. The content of the Crossover ‘campus to corporate’ training initiative considers this and is geared to prepare students of all disciplines to be ‘future industry ready’.

How the Crossover program works

Partner With Us

We invite all educational institutions across the country conducting graduate and post graduate programs in all disciplines to partner with us for implementing the highly successful ‘campus to corporate’ Crossover training initiative in their campuses.

The Crossover program will enable participating students to take a journey of self-discovery and is guaranteed to impart to them requisite skills for working successfully in teams, to manage thought and think critically and harness their true potential.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

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