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We presently live in an age fuelled by Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence (or AI as it is commonly known) may be described as a way of computer systems analysing data to be able to make decisions like a human would. Through a process of machine learning, computers learn how to respond to certain actions by using algorithms and vast amounts of historical data to create ‘propensity’ models. These propensity models then start making predictions that can substantially ease our effort and work load by efficiently handling multifarious tasks while saving us considerable time too. Competencies required by all types of Industry are quickly revolving around Artificial Intelligence and its related streams e.g. Data Analysis & Machine Learning.  

The AI technological revolution has already begun and it will shape our future. Some examples of AI technologies that are commonly used today include Industrial Robots, Speech Recognition, Language Translation, Face Recognition, GPS systems, Word Prediction, etc.

Employment Potential

There is a great demand for professionals who understand how AI works in general and who can help companies and individuals apply AI technologies for the benefit of businesses and society.  While AI is quickly creating large numbers of new jobs, the biggest challenge is having enough qualified employees to fill these positions.

Annual demand for the fast-growing new roles in the field of Artificial Intelligence is estimated to reach nearly 700,000 openings by 2020. However, at the current pace, the available fresh employable talent or university talent in the field of AI will be only be around 90,000., resulting in a huge skill gap in this all-important field.

Career prospects/roles include Deep Learning & Computer Vision Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, AI / Deep Learning Scientists and Data Science Instructors.

There is therefore a tremendous opportunity to introduce Artificial Intelligence Training in a more broad-based manner within the education system in our universities to fill this the huge existing void and future requirements.

Training In Artificial Intelligence

AI cannot be considered to be in the same genre as traditional skill categories. It requires a basic understanding of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) which are taught at the University level. Therefore, any skilling/upskilling/reskilling in AI would need to be best embedded in a University rather than a Vocational Training Centre environment. Besides a University will have well suited Faculty that can be trained to teach a successful AI curriculum on an ongoing basis. Universities also have the requisite infrastructure to facilitate skilling in AI.

Based on the high demand for skill development in AI, Crossover Training Solutions has developed a robust curriculum in AI in conjunction with leading experts in the field. Crossover is now ready to roll its program in Artificial Intelligence at the University level and invites Colleges and Universities in India to partner with it for this initiative that will have far reaching impact in providing gainful employment to our youth.

Our training in AI revolves around the following models:

  • An AI Program integrated with a Degree Course (in collaboration with Universities)
  • A Six-Month full-time advanced level AI Program (for Graduate students to up-skill themselves
  • A Three-Month full-time Data Preparation Program (for Graduates / Diploma Holders for entry level AI jobs)
  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) in AI (Awareness & Up-skilling through Workshops
  • Student / Corporate / Management Development Workshops in AI For understanding AI, and it’s vast potential 

Sample Topics / Courses covered


Statistics & Data Analysis


Programming in Python & R


Machine Learning

Big Data Engineering

Deep Learning & Artificial intelligence

Enhancing Life Skills

Our mission is to create a platform for millennials to acquire high on demand skills in AI to become a next gen techno evangelist.

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