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You don’t have to be. Check what you are suited for before spending money and time on it.
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Why take the Crossover Career Assessment?


This career assessment has been tested on over 1,00,000 individuals and students.
It is reliable.


The Assessment helps individuals narrow down their career choices to what’s best suited for them based on their interests and skills.

Personal attention

We have partnered counsellors who will explain the report to you if you would like.



Get a creative report
that tells your story.

Each career assessment report from Crossover tells a detailed story. While you may be able to analzye the report yourself, you can also fix an appointment with one of our trainers/ Counsellors for a detailed evaluation and sound career guidance.

Let Us Help You Decide. Take an Assessment today.

Professional career assessment can play a critical role in one’s career development, whether you are yet to start your career or considering a career change. It can help you choose a good career fit and help you learn how a variety of career options might suit you.

Each career assessment through Crossover focuses on a specific area viz. skills, interests or values to increase the understanding of self and find satisfaction in one’s career choice.

An advantage of the Crossover Career Assessment plan is that students as early as 5th Standard can particpate so that career decisions can be made early on and career interests pursued accordingly.

Crossover has a five dimensional career assessment platform with different tests for students from 5th Standard to 12th Standard. Our career assessment and analysis is done over 150+ career paths and over 3,000 professions. Our tried and tested tool is built on artificial intelligence to help predict the right course of action. 


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