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Character Plus


Very often, schools and teachers mistake good behaviour for good character. What they value is the child who will do what he is told; or even better, the child who will do what is required without being told. Unfortunately, they tend to value most in children what children least value in themselves. It’s therefore not surprising that their effort to build character in children can be quite a failure.

Topping the list of ills plaguing our society today are inequality, religious, social and gender discrimination, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, sexual abuse, economic deprivation and unemployment.

An effective way to address these social ills is to develop Character education programs and curriculums for in the schools and colleges in order to turn out new generations of youngsters sensitive to the need of a fair society with good moral and ethical values.

Defining Character

Character is the culmination of habits, resulting from ethical choices, behaviours, and attitudes that an individual makes. It is  the “moral excellence” an individual exhibits when no one is watching and  includes an individual’s desire to do one’s best, caring for others’ wellbeing, cognition of critical thinking and moral reasoning, and the development of interpersonal and emotional skills that allow individuals the capability to work effectively with each other in everyday situations.

In a nutshell, Character can be defined as “knowing the good, desiring the good, and doing the good.”

Character Plus Program

Realising the need and importance of character building beginning from the school environment itself, Crossover Training Solutions has created a special curriculum to address the cognitive, affective, and behavioural aspects of education, utilising various dimensions of school life to foster Character development.

We at Crossover believe that Character education should not be considered a tool that conforms children and youth to unthinking compliance. Character development is more than developing good behaviour. It is the  identifying and cultivating of a set of inter and intrapersonal skills that provide the framework to build and execute ethical behaviour and build a great community.

Benefits of Character Plus

Crossover has two designed curriculum for two Character Plus programs. The first is designed for training teachers and educationists in a “train the trainer” format. Once trained, these teachers and educationists will be able to conduct the Character Plus program amongst their pupils. The second is a curriculum designed exclusively for students which is delivered by the training team at Crossover Learning Solutions. Both programs consist of a one day workshop loaded with fun based learning activities and exercises.

Elements of Character Plus

While there are several Character traits one can dwell on while developing a program on cultivating the right Character values, the team at Crossover Training Solutions has identified and grouped 5 traits each under the areas of ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘interpersonal respect’ which would give a well rounded exposure to this all important subject of education.

Run Character Plus in your School Or College

Join us in our goal to change and enable lives.  Have us run the Character Plus program at your Institution. Send us a message through the Contact us page on this website or give us a call and we’d be happy to customise a program based on your requirements.

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