Character First – Crossover Training

“Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong. It is character.” – Albert Einstein

Life demands more than knowledge and skill. To truly lead a fulfilling life, one must be rooted in integrity and nurture a value system that builds communities of strong character. Our Character First program is designed to have an impact similar to a nail being driven into a wall – impactful and lasting with the ability to take the weight of challenging, ethical decision making.


Contribute to make a difference?

Please, contact us to see how you can partner with us to build Character. Your contribution of time, effort and donation will go a long way in helping achieving our goal of building catalysts of change in our community.

Character First for Children

Based on the Don Bosco pedagogy which has been embraced across the world impacting millions of lives, our program helps students to achieve more academically and also avoid disciplinary issues. In todays world, sound character is needed for success. Athletes for instance must respect others or will be removed from the game. Bullying has repercussions. Handling peer pressure is key to avoiding bad habits. Further, in a digital world, children need to be responsible online and be aware of the many dangers lurking in the new age world. Our program is filled with stories, exercises and modern-day examples and teaches integrity, self discipline, courage, diligence, kindness and humility.

Character First for Youth

The future belongs to our youth – young minds that can shape success and script history. Our Character First intervention program helps youth to truly understand the core of who they are through a time-tested personal assessment module. The program helps students understand why each of them reacts differently to the same situation and gives them wings of positivity to speak-up and be heard. The program is designed to be highly participative in nature with the aim to understand oneself, build a strong foundation and working in groups to create ideas of new generation impact. At the end of the program youth will have the confidence and will to challenge norms and be a catalyst for positive change.

Character First for Corporates

Successful organisations rely on character and ethics from their employees at every step to ensure they have the highest standards of quality offerings for their customers. Not only does good character drive efficiency and productivity in the workplace, in today’s world it cannot be ignored. Indeed, values and ethics are becoming increasingly important as governments across the world penalise unethical companies with hefty fines, sometimes millions of dollars, holding those personally involved responsible. Our program is designed to impact individuals at all levels of the organisation hierarchy, giving them tools and guidance to understand issues such as employee / employer rights, privacy policies, using technology correctly, Harassment issues, conflict management and escalation. The program helps employees to overcome obstacles and balance personal and organisational ethich and culture.